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(GUESTS-Please see your email invite to confirm which room to enter. Also, see below for important Log-in instructions)

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3 Step Instructions For Conference Room Log-In

NOTE:  We recommend closing ALL programs except your browser for the presentation.  This will free up "band width" and ensure better reception.  The system is designed to run in Internet Explorer, Mozila Firefox, Safari & in some cases Google Chrome.  You may experience difficulties if running Internet Service Providers (ISP). Also, even if you have DSL or High Speed Cable connections; when you are in Internet Explorer (IE) please disable your pop-up blocker (i.e.;Tools, Internet Options, Privacy UN-Check the Pop-Up Blocker Box). Delete your Cookies; Delete Files (twice), 1st Delete Files only, then Delete Files and check the box that says, “delete all offline content”. Select O.K.! Finally, please go into Internet Explorer (IE) and select Tools, Internet Options, Connections, bottom right select LAN Settings..., then make sure the box IS checked for 'Automatically detect setting'. That should complete your fixes.

After Reading The Steps Below-Click here for link to additional instructions, ONLY if you cannot enter the rooms: System Requirements.

Step 1 of 3

Enter the Conference Room Access Page by clicking on ONE OF the Red Buttons which Says: Enter the Room/MODERATOR/MEMBER - above.

Step 2 of 3

If you are a GUEST log in this way:

  • G (Your 1st Name & Last Name)  Example: G MarySmith NV; also include Your State

If you are a MEMBER log in this way:

  • M (Your 1st Name & Last Name)  Example: M JimBrown FL; also include Your State

If you have a working Microphone add an * after your letter. 

  • Ex: G* MarySmith NV or M* JimBrown FL

Step 3 of 3

You will be led to the Live Talk Room Control Panel Log-In Page.  Simply enter your name in the box shown and and enter password, then click on the LOGIN button.   If you are a "First time participants", please download and install the plugin; you will only have to do this once.  Someone is already in the room with that name.  You can capitalize, add a last initial, etc.

Conference Room Plug-In Program Run:

If it is your first time entering the room, you will have to install or run the Conference Room Plug-In.  This should happen when you select the button on this page above and will take less than one minute depending upon your access speed. Please accept all other downloads by selecting RUN and clicking, Yes or OK in the process. Thank -

Note: If you are having problems entering the room click on troubleshooting.

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